Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance may be payable by either party to the other party following a separation in marriages and eligible defacto relationships. In deciding whether a spouse is entitled to maintenance (and the amount of maintenance), a Court will take into account a number of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Capacity for employment
  • The circumstances of the children - particularly minors.

Spousal maintenance paid periodically or lump sum

Spousal maintenance can be paid periodically or in a lump sum. A spousal maintenance order can be varied if there is a change to either party's financial circumstances.

An application for Spousal Maintenance can be made immediately following separation - you do not have to wait for divorce proceedings to complete your application. However, it must be lodged within 12 months of a divorce application reaching decree absolute or within 2 years of the end of a defacto relationship. Any application after this date will need to convince the Court that there are special circumstances that would allow the application to proceed.

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