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Solicitors in Woodville

Stokes Legal Solicitors WoodvilleAt Stokes Legal solicitors Woodville, we also offer assistance for our clients in other Legal areas, including:


As Lawyers, we are able to look after all of your needs when buying or selling properties. Our fees are competitive.

Industrial Relations

This may include unfair dismissal, underpayment of wages or other matters. Our Lawyers represent either the Employee or Employer, depending on your situation.

Sexual Harassment Claims

Have you had unwelcome advances or comment made to you in the workplace? If so, you may have a claim which our legal team can assist you with making in an understanding and caring environment.

Defamation Untrue

Misleading and damaging statements may entitle you to either a retraction and apology or damages or both. Contact Stokes Legal for advice and assistance with your claim.

Neighbour Disputes / Fencing Disputes

You can't choose your neighbour. If you have a dispute with your neighbour early resolution can avoid unpleasantness and possible court action. Call Stokes Legal for help.

Restraining Orders

Threats of physical violence or damage to property can be prevented by an early Restraining Order. Stokes Legal can help you obtain a private Restraining Order through the Magistrates Court in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Insurance Claims - Property Damage

Had an accident? Damaged your car or damaged someone else's car? Call us for claims advice or help in defending a claim.

Medical / Dental Negligence

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately some mistakes have greater consequences than others. Medical and dental claims are handled sensitively yet with a view to maximising your claim for compensation.

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