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Family Lawyer Woodville Children and DivorceUnfortunately not all families are happy. We understand that many of the issues faced in Family Law such as divorce, property settlement and matters involving children can be a trying and emotionally draining experience. You need someone to help guide and advise you.

Our lawyers are experienced in Family Law and can assist you in your dispute often with minimal or no direct involvement of the court system. This can lead to savings in time, money and stress. However, in the event your matter proceeds to court we are able to provide vigorous representation in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court to support you in achieving the best possible outcome. Stokes Legal are also able to help in Defacto disputes whether in relation to children or property.

Stokes Legal are also able to prepare Binding Financial Agreements which can avoid disputes altogether or minimise the dispute process in the event of relationship breakdown.

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Contact us today on 8444 7777 for a free initial telephone discussion and see how one of our family lawyers can help. We may offer you a free first half an hour conference at an office convenient to you. If you do not proceed to instruct us to act the conference will be free and without any obligation.

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In some cases we may be prepared to delay the requirement for you to pay our fees.

Please ask us if your case qualifies and if it does we will explain the conditions that apply.