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Our Debt Collection services include:Debt Collectors Adelaide by Stokes Legal Laywers

  • Letters of demand
  • Court claims
  • Negotiated settlements
  • Bankruptcy
  • Company liquidations
  • Worker's Liens
  • Caveats and other charges on real estate
  • Court trials
  • Do it yourself final demands

Letters of Demand

Letters of Demand are written on Stokes Legal letterhead and put your debtor on notice of intended legal action if your debt is not paid promptly. Often a Letter of Demand is all that is required for your debtor to make payment to you. Written at a fixed cost Letters of Demand are an inexpensive method of getting your debt paid!

Court Claims For Debts

If your debt is not paid following a letter of demand and depending on the size of the claim Stokes Legal will, on your instructions issue proceedings in the Magistrates Court or District Court against your debtor who then becomes a Defendant to the action.

Negotiated Settlements

After receipt of a Letter of Demand or Court Claim some debtors wish to negotiate instalment payment programs or resolution of the claim. We are able to handle those negotiations on your behalf and at all times will obtain your instructions before agreeing to any arrangements or settlement.


After judgement is obtained against an individual it may be possible to commence Bankruptcy Proceedings. Stokes Legal debt collectors Adelaide can provide advice to you on:

  • Whether Bankruptcy action can be pursued by you
  • The benefits of Bankruptcy and what factors may affect the outcome
  • The costs of Bankruptcy Proceedings in the Federal Court.

Company Winding Up (Liquidation)

Company Winding Up involves issuing either Supreme Court or Federal Court Proceedings against an insolvent company. Court proceedings may be issued after obtaining a Court Judgement for a debt or liquidated sum and in some cases may be commenced prior to obtaining a judgement. Proper advice is essential to advise you on whether Company Winding Up is an appropriate action for you to commence. Call Stokes Legal for advice and estimates of fees and disbursements.

Workers Liens

If you are a trades person having worked on land or improvements you may be entitled to Register a Workers Lien on the title of the property and pursue enforcement of the Lien by Court action which could result in the sale of the land. Not everyone has a right to register a Workers Lien and there is a specific procedure which must be followed to be effective. To find out more about Workers Liens Call Stokes Legal.

Caveat and other Charges on Real Estate

Some Credit Contracts give a creditor security over land and the right to register a Caveat. Creditors can also register a charge over a debtors interest in land after obtaining judgement and subject to other Rules of Court. If you wish to discuss these options as part of the Debt Collection process call Stokes Legal.

Court Trials

After Court action is commenced your debtor may file a Defence to the Claim. If that occurs certain Court events take place over a period of time which ultimately may result in a Court Trial.

Debt Cases Involving $12,000.00 or less

Cases involving $12,000.00 or less are cases where lawyers are not permitted under the Rules of Court to represent clients. However, Stokes Legal can:

  • File Court Claims on your behalf
  • Represent you at all Directions Hearings (Preliminary Hearings) prior to trial.
  • Provide you with comprehensive advice prior to trial to ensure you understand the Court process and that you take with you or have available all necessary evidence to prove your case.
  • Advise you on how to present the evidence and cross examine the Defendant's witnesses

Debt Cases for Amounts in Excess of $12,000.00

For all cases exceeding $12,000.00 Stokes Legal can represent you in all aspects of pursuing your claim against your debtor including appearing at the Trial of the action. Often in cases involving amounts greater than $12,000.00 we recommend engaging Counsel (a Barrister) to advise on the claim and appear at the Trial.

Choice of Barrister to appear in Court and at Trial is very important. Assistance with the choice of Barrister, taking proper statements from witnesses, gathering evidence and preparation of a comprehensive Brief to Counsel is part of what Stokes Legal can provide.

Do It Yourself Business Debt Collector

For small debts the Do It Yourself Business Debt Collector is pad of Final Demands providing an effective way of collecting your slow payers at a modest fee. For larger debts we recommend Stokes Legal Letters of Demand.

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