Before conveyancers Lawyers did all conveyancing work in South Australia. With 25 years of experience our Lawyers are property law professionals and can provide you with advice and help with

  • Conveyancing in the Sale or Purchase of your home
  • Contract preparation and advice
  • Business sales and purchases
  • Leases
  • Loan Agreements and Mortgages
  • Caveat and Workers Liens
  • Contract Disputes

Buying or Selling a Home

Before Contract

Before you enter into a Contract to buy or sell a home you should consider engaging Stokes Legal to review the Contract. Special Conditions in a Contract can sometimes be ambiguous leaving uncertainty.

If you are buying or selling privately without an Agent Stokes Legal can prepare the Contract and sales documents saving payment of commission to an Agent. The process is cost effective and seamless.

After Contract Conveyancing

Once you have signed a Contract you need a conveyancer to hand the legal transfer of the property and to liaise with the other parties conveyancer. Not only does the process involve a Transfer but also in the case of a purchaser review of documents and searches to ensure you are buying what you expect, adjustment of rates and taxes, communication with banks and financiers, attendance at settlement and notification of various entities after settlement. In the case of the seller it is necessary to arrange discharge of any mortgages or other securities, adjustment of rates and taxes and attend settlement.

Commercial Property Leases

Own a commercial property? Found a Tenant? Have the Lease properly documented by Stokes Legal to ensure your legal rights are properly protected. Leases can be prepared at a modest cost which is shared equally between the Landlord and Tenant. If you are about to enter a Lease as a Tenant have the Lease reviewed to ensure you understand your rights and obligations. A few dollars spent beforehand could save you many dollars later if a problem arises.

Business Sales and Purchases

If you are buying or selling a business the transaction should be clearly documented. Know what you are buying and be sure what you are selling. As examples:-

  • Restraints of trade and ensuring you are buying unincumbered plant and equipment is essential for purchasers.
  • Vendors need to be protected with adequate deposits and appropriate security documentation if providing Vendor finance.

Stokes Legal can provide the advice and prepare all necessary documents.

To find out how we can help in Conveyancing matters please phone 08 8444 7777 for your free initial telephone discussion.

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